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Are You Seeking Transformative Change?

Music Therapy is an allied health profession that can help you overcome emotional and psychological barriers.

Music Therapy & Counselling in the Calgary Area

Wood Counselling & Therapy is a personal counselling and music therapy service based in Calgary. Our prime modality is music therapy; however, we also offer counselling, psychotherapy, and other creative arts therapy.

We offer group and individual sessions in private and group homes, care facilities, and elsewhere. We are regulated under the College of Counselling Therapy of Alberta and are staffed by an experienced and certified music therapist.

Music Therapy is a recognized allied health profession that is used to support individuals of any age, health, or stage of life. It combines music, musical activities, and counselling skills to help people set and achieve realistic goals for their emotional, mental, and general well being. Over the years, our therapist has worked with:   

  • Adults with dementia

  • Emotional and psychological trauma survivors of all ages

  • Individuals in psychiatric settings

  • Adults undergoing major life transitions including aging, grief, ill-health

  • Children in various capacities, especially those living with autism spectrum disorder or neurological impairments

  • Individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

To learn more about music therapy at Wood Counselling & Therapy, please continue through our website or contact us.

Professional Affiliations

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Are You Looking for an Economical Musical Therapy Option?

We offer group sessions in homes, residences, and other facilities.

Close up of hands on african drums, drumming for a music therapy
mother with down syndrome child at home, playing musical instruments.

Does Your Child Have Difficulty Verbalizing or Expressing Themselves?

Music therapy is a common treatment to help children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

Have You or a Loved One Lived Through a Traumatic Experience?

Music therapy can help process trauma without speaking about it.

father and daughter playing guitar together at home

Is Your Loved One Living with Dementia?

Music therapy can help them find peace.

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