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mother with down syndrome child at home, playing guitar

Are You Looking for an Effective ASD Treatment?

Music therapy can provide a healthy means of communication for children with autism.

Music Therapy for Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Music therapy for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has been growing in recent years. One reason for this is that music decreases anxiety and enhances mental health, which makes it an ideal therapeutic tool for people for whom talking, verbalizing, and social interactions are very difficult. Another reason for the popularity of music therapy for autism care is that some people with ASD exhibit a gift or intense interest in certain musical areas, so a music therapy programme offers them the perfect avenue in which to explore and develop this interest and provide a situation in which they can thrive.

The certified music therapist at Wood Counselling & Therapy has been offering music therapy for children with ASD for ten years. He has helped countless children cope with and express overwhelming feelings through music, verbalization, movement, and other creative art expressions. He has helped equally as many children enhance social relationships and attain specific speech goals.

Please contact us to discuss your child’s needs and goals and how our Calgary-based music therapy can help them.

little kids playing drums in a room. are focused on the music and having a fun time togeth
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