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Do You Want the Double Advantage of Group Support and Music Therapy?  

We can create therapy cohorts or visit your care facility.   

Group Music Therapy in Calgary & Area

Wood Counselling & Therapy offers cohort or community-based group music therapy programs in and around Calgary to provide:

  • An introduction to music therapy

  • A more economical therapy option

  • Group support

  • Socialization

Group therapy may include individuals who are experiencing similar problems or who have similar goals, or the group may be created by the therapist or by an outside agency such as a family group, nursing home, or group home. All groups are safe spaces where participants will receive the support and direction of a certified music therapist and benefit from the presence and support of others.

The activities of each session will vary according to the needs and abilities of each group. Drumming, singing, and moving are common elements, as is the feeling of peer support in the journey towards a common goal of mental wellness, improved speech, or whatever it may be.

Please contact us to inquire about existing and future groups, including a tone chime choir.

Seniors in nursing home making music with rhythm instruments

What is a Tone Chime Choir?

The tone chime choir is a unique group programme that has been developed to allow music to be as accessible as possible to anyone who decides to join. This program has been used in senior care to: 

  • Build community,

  • Mental health groups to improve well-being, 

  • And groups with people of all abilities.  

During a tone chime choir session, participants sit in a circle or semicircle around the music therapist. Each person receives either one or two tone chimes to play when directed by the music therapist. “It’s as easy as swinging a hammer," one participant has said, and this swinging creates soothing tones that relax participants. 

A tone chime choir helps participants focus on the present moment and concentrate on a single task: playing their chime when directed. Participants are often amazed by the experience of being able to make music with others rather than simply listening to it. They appear happy and report that they feel relaxed after a session. Whatever a participant’s skill level, experience, or ability, the tone chime choir offers a place where everyone can be part of the art and part of the music.

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