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Asian senior woman listening music with headphone in backyard.

Is Your Loved One Living in the Turmoil and Anguish of Dementia?

Music therapy can evoke feelings of calmness and contentment.

Music Therapy for Dementia Care

Music Therapy for Dementia Care is one of the most common places you will probably see a music therapist. From leading sing-a-longs to playing old records and everything in between, our music therapist plans and prepares his sessions with intention and purpose in order to attain specific goals for participants. These goals may include:

  • to create a sense of community and belonging

  • to lower stress and anxiety

  • to decrease wandering

  • to facilitate reminiscing

  • to provide a sense of structure

  • to enhance cognitive function

  • to encourage movement

  • to evoke feelings of calmness and familiarity

  • and more.

If you work in program management at a care facility in the Calgary area or are looking for dementia therapy for your loved one, please reach out to us at Wood Counselling & Therapy. It will be our pleasure to share more about our music therapy for dementia care.

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