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Safe Therapeutic Environment

Max Wood counsellor and music therapist

Max Wood is a seasoned music therapist with over a decade of experience in the mental health field. He has worked in a wide range of settings including dementia care, children and adults with autism, and psychiatric settings which included individuals with a range of mental health issues. Working in both individual and group settings, Max has developed the skills to be able to facilitate a warm, therapeutic environment fostered to help those who are suffering or in need of getting back on track.


A special interest for Max is working with those who may not be initially receptive to traditional verbal counselling. Although music therapists are trained with verbal counselling skills, not everyone may be receptive to the traditional method of talk therapy. For example, a child who has experienced trauma may find talking through it confusing or too challenging. In a situation like this, creative arts like music therapy are an excellent way for individuals to express their feelings and work out emotions without—or in conjunction with—words.

Max is nearing completion of his Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, and verbal counselling will be part of his future work.

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